Agatha Juma

Co-founder of Engage

Over the last 22 years, Agatha Juma has had a proffessional life that has been as varied as it has been rich and colorful. The last 10 of these years have been spent in advocacy for a conducive business environment for the Private sector. Her most recent formal engagement was with the Kenya Private Sector Alliance as Head of Public Private Dialogue (seconded as Technical assistance from International Finance Corporation (IFC)) and before that as CEO of Kenya Tourism Federation.

She still consults for the IFC/WBG as a short term consultant on Public Private dialogue and is an adjunct facilitator with the Africa Leadership Group ‘Leadership Accelerator program’ in Nairobi.

While still new at her job as CEO of KTF, she had a rather embarrasing public speaking related incident at an international conference. While the momentary embarrasment of a full blown panic attack on stage is best forgotten, it ignited a burning desire for her to improve, refine and excel in her public speaking and communication skills and delivery. She vowed that she would never be in a position where she was unable to communicate her intended message and do so with impact. She also purposed that whenever it is within her power, she would never let anyone within her sphere of influence struggle with authentically and powerfully communicate his/her message. That vow led to an interesting re-write of her ‘raison d’etre.’ Coaching, teaching and training is what now fills her time and soul with joy and purpose. Through coaching  and training speakers and proffessionals in different fields, she has worked with over 400 people who’ve proceeded share their experiences and communicate for greater impact,

Agatha co-founded Engage Kenya Limited  in 2015 to provide a platform for ordinary people to share their stories and experiences to inform, inspire and influence other ordinary people, the platform was born out of a desire to encourage Africans that we have all the inspiration we need right here in the continent dressed as ordinary people (

Agatha is an AOEC accredited Executive Coach and holds a diploma in Innovative and Creative Leadership from the THNK school of Creative Leadership in Amsterdam. She holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Management (B. Com), a postgraduate diploma in Marketing from the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) and certification on Private sector growth from Swedish Institute for Public Administration (SIPU).  She is certified by Toastmasters International as a competent communicator.

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